Design Palet LUMO lifestyle collection consists of timeless and functional home textiles, kitchen tools and sustainable clothes for a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. Design Palet is a Finnish lifestylebrand created by Textile Designer and Artisan Kirsi Niemelä.

"Slow living, well-being and relaxation are key themes in my first collection. I got the inspiration trip to our summer cottage, which is the best place to relax. Story of LUMO collection starts in the wild Finnish forest. The products get their forms from tree stumps and tree trunks. The prints were drawn while exploring the bark and annual rings of a tree. While I was walking in the woods I saw a big owl sitting on a tree branch. A rare and enchanting encounter with an Ural owl inspired a delightful print in the collection.”
Kirsi Niemelä

Products are made in Finland responsibly using materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Designed with care and made with love.